Do Natural Gas Generators Work In The Cold?

Natural Gas CB6 trailer in the snow.

We get calls every day asking if natural gas generators will work in extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures. Given the wide range of differences that exist in the oil and gas plays globally, our units are tried, tested and proven in the major production fields around the world.

Do Natural Gas Generators Work in the Cold?” Why do we feel it’s important to address this question? So you can better understand how a natural gas generator can help your business function at optimal efficiency. Do Mesa natural gas generators work in your climate? Let’s find out.

Location, Climate, & Range of Temperatures for Natural Gas Generators

Consider your climate as it changes throughout the seasons. Obviously, we don’t know your specific conditions yet, but we hope for the opportunity to find out. On average, it’s a simple task to deliver a natural gas generator.

However, setting up for an efficient work operation is another task entirely. We get calls every day asking, “will your generator work in_____________.” Our short answer is, “Yes.”

Our systems work in nearly any climate. The slightly longer answer is here on this page. If you’re reading this, then you have already considered climate as a potential hurdle your company needs to overcome before it can begin operations in that area. We will give you the necessary information regarding the operating range of temperatures where our engines can function so you can take the first step to making it over that hurdle.

Mesa’s Manufacturing Locations, Mesa’s Deliverability

We are a U.S. based company and we seek to keep it that way; we care about our workers and keeping them happy. We believe it’s our duty and honor to build the best generators the world knows. Every single engine we distribute is manufactured here in the U.S., but they can be delivered anywhere in the world. Our founder once said, “Don’t tell me can’t, tell me how,” so we deliver, no matter where your company operates.

All-Weather Functionality

Mesa generators have unique functionalities built-in:

All units are built on trailers for maximum mobility and ease of installation

All units are in custom walk-in enclosures to protect equipment and maintenance technicians against the elements

Air flow and temperature profiles are tested and optimized at extreme temperatures in the lab, the field, and in computer simulated models

Engine air intake is strategically placed for maximum performance in all conditions

Engine components sensitive to temperature extremes are also strategically located or insulated

Venting and air flow is dynamically and automatically adjusted for optimum engine operating temperature no matter the ambient temperature

Does the Design of the Engine Impact its Ability to Function in the Cold?

Our goal is to be completely transparent with our customers and build trust along the way. That being said, our engines have coveted technology that our competitors seek and chase every single day, so we can’t disclose everything.

However, you should know that our designs are thoroughly tested at extreme conditions. Attention to location and treatment (insulation, heat trace, etc.) of temperature sensitive components is critical in insuring a wide range of operating temperatures.

Specific design of air flow, the use of generated heat, and the dynamic and automatic adjustment of both enables an extremely wide temperature operating range.

95% Run-Time Guarantee, Service, Location

We know that keeping an engine running and generating power for your operations is key. Mesa has taken many steps to ensure you get the power you need, when you need it.

We carry a 95% run-time guarantee to every job site where we deliver a natural gas generator. We have researched this process tirelessly in extreme climates and monitored our units in every corner of the globe.

Keeping our units up and running is crucial for your success, thus it’s crucial for ours. During our research, we learned that strategically routing hot parts (exhaust for example) in such a way that they aid in keeping certain parts warm and others cool was something we needed to do.

This subject matter applies to every portion of our research and design.

Anticipating Downtime, Technician Training

Let’s say a component in the generator stops working, causing the natural gas source to fail due to cold weather and it is no longer available for the engine to run on before one of our technicians can get to it.

We equip our units with a propane backup system that will power the unit until one of our techs can arrive and fix any issues that arose. This fuel redundancy feature automatically switches fuels under load, enabling un-interrupted service.

Here at Mesa, it’s about being reliable, which is why we spend so much time training our technicians to be the best in their field.

Service and Reliability

Yes, our generators work in the cold. Mesa is here (or there) for you when you need us; our service is unsurpassed. We provide the most reliable natural gas powered generators in the industry.

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