Generator Delivery

Generator Delivery

Generator Delivery is an ever-present variable in our industry. Much like ordering something from Amazon, it should be easy for the consumer. At Mesa Natural Gas Solutions our number one priority is the customer, whether you’re in Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, or anywhere else. Our 95% run time guarantee and best-in-class service sets us apart from our competition. We carefully select our technicians, and then send them through a rigorous five-week training program before we allow them to perform their duties alone. Part of that training program of training includes the generator delivery process, the steps involved, and why those steps are critical to providing the best in class service and guaranteed run time we mention. Mesa Solutions makes the delivery process of a generator as simple as a phone call.

Once the generator is sized properly, it is the technician’s job to deliver the unit to the site. Our technicians then set it up, and train the operator personnel how to start, run, and maintain the unit.

The unit will go through a Deployment Checklist before delivery. The Deployment Checklist ensures all service and updates are complete. Inspections are performed in order to certify proper function of the unit, to include running it under load at the shop to ensure proper function and reliability.

Depending on your power needs, it is possible that more than one generator could be delivered to a site and run in parallel, doubling the power. Each unit receives the same checklist and runs in parallel together at the shop with a load applied, in order to ensure they will synchronize the load between them.

Generator Delivery to a customer’s site is planned in advance so all parties involved are ready for the set-up process. The customer may be required to coordinate with electricians, or other necessary personnel to install gas lines, back up propane fuel, and other necessary preperations. Mesa’s skilled technicians set up the generator on a location designated by the customer.  The generator will be leveled using jacks on all four corners of the unit.

The natural gas fuel supply line will be connected to the rear of the unit, which is a 2” ball valve. 225Kw generators and higher must have a 2” supply line. Maximum distance of 50 ft. is recommended and the pressure must be regulated to 15 – 45 psi.

If propane backup is required the fuel supply line will be connected to the unit and the liquid tap on the propane tank.

The customer’s electricians will connect the generator to the customer’s panel as required. In the case of paralleled units Mesa technicians will connect the generators to the panel trailer, then the customer’s electricians will connect site load to the Mesa panel.

Once everything is connected and the customer crews are ready, the generator will be started. The technicians will do a series of checks and adjustments on the generator, while any other customer specific crews prepare for application of power to the project. Once all preparation tasks are complete, the generator is ready to be put on load. The Mesa technician will stay on site until everyone is satisfied with the performance of the generator. Making sure our customers are satisfied is paramount for an optimal business relationship.

Mesa technicians record start up data and steady load data. This information is monitored over time to enable Mesa to “right size” the generator for the required load as equipment is added or deleted from the site. Run hours are monitored for maintenance purposes to ensure timely preventive maintenance is conducted, initially at 500 hours, and subsequently at every 1100 hours.

For Generator Delivery to run as smoothly as possible, quality communication is critical to best in class service by Mesa technicians and the Mesa management team. Our phone number and website is on every unit. Mesa technicians are required to exchange contact information with customer personnel in order to ensure all requirements are met and promised performance is achieved.

Mesa Solutions makes the Generator Delivery process simple and streamline. Mesa Solutions ensures your power needs are fulfilled with the best service in the industry and a guaranteed run time. Our technicians will ensure your generator performs as promised or it will be replaced.

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