Natural Gas Vs Diesel Generators: A Cost Comparison

natural gas diesel generator

Since you have proven to be a conscientious contributor to the oil and gas industry, and have found your way into an interesting question: Is a natural gas generator cheaper to operate than a diesel generator? You have learned diesel is an extremely expensive way to power an engine. Comparing Natural Gas Generators vs Diesel Generators is a great place to start your comparison. If You’re Flaring Gas, You’re Burning Money: Why Natural Gas Is a Viable Alternative.

Mesa Solutions has a range of solutions for this problem. We understand this concern, which is why we are dedicated to providing the best products to alleviate this issue. Our ability to power a generator, off what would otherwise be wasted energy, is a crucial component in efficient operation for your job site.

Flaring, wasted power

Over 110 billion cubic meters are being flared and vented worldwide each year, which is more than the annual energy consumption of South America (Smith). This is enough fuel being wasted each year to power an entire continent. There is no reason this gas should not be captured and used as fuel—and this is what we do everyday.

Save Money Using Natural Gas Generators

Our natural gas generators run off of wellhead gas, eliminating the need for trucking in diesel. The problems with trucking diesel to oil field sites can range anywhere from cost, increased traffic, additional emissions, logistics, to potential spills and more down time.

Almost no leases in the U.S. require royalties on gas used for site production. This is another cost savings for operators. Diesel is substantially higher in cost than natural gas and is rarely readily available at the job site. In certain weather conditions, roads may not be clear enough to allow a diesel truck to come to the site.

Why Natural Gas Generators Are More Cost Efficient Than Diesel Generators

When comparing Natural Gas Generators vs Diesel Generators; Diesel prices fluctuate depending on the market, creating yet another annoyance an operator can avoid with Mesa’s natural gas generators. Furthermore, maintenance fees are higher with diesel generators because they are serviced more often. With an average cost of $0/mcf for gas used on location and minimal setup fees compared to monthly diesel consumption, natural gas generators are the responsible solution.Mesa Solutions have saved millions in the oil and gas plays of the world. Mesa Solutions is providing a cleaner and more economical method by which you can power your operations.

From a logistical standpoint, the cost of delivering diesel to a production site is high, and just those costs alone are almost always higher than using a natural gas generator. Trucking, maintenance, and reliability in knowing your diesel tanks will be filled are all factors to think about when deciding between these two generators.

The oil and gas industry is taking drastic measures to make its procedures more environmentally friendly and help to reduce emissions. Natural gas generators can help tremendously in these efforts. Mesa Solutions can help you exceed the regulatory demands while saving money at the same time.

Smith, Lauren. “SEPTEMBER 2012 Climate Alert.” Climate Institute- Climate Alert June 2012. 1 Sept. 2012. Web. 3 Dec. 2015.

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