Women in Business Week: The Amazing Women of Mesa Solutions

Women in Business

In the world of business and technology, we often hear that success is a one-person journey. But the women at Mesa Solutions are proving that wrong by standing together with unwavering support, camaraderie, and inspiration. The motto “Us girls gotta stick together” has become more than just a saying at Mesa. It’s a living testament to the bond and the strength of the women in this dynamic company.

Women Supporting Women

Desi, a long-time member of the Mesa team, reflects on the importance of women supporting each other: “‘Us girls gotta stick together’ is something I’ve heard over and over, but I never really thought about why it matters. Is it that feeling of being heard and understood? Is it the reassurance that there are people who have your back? For me, it’s because the women around me, my fellow Mesa women, have shaped me into the person I am today.” The women at Mesa Solutions have created a close-knit community where they actively support and encourage one another. Desi beautifully describes this unity, where they freely share wisdom and guidance: “The best thing about Mesa women is how we support each other. I’ve learned some of life’s most important lessons from watching my fellow Mesa women and taking their advice about life, love, career, and faith to heart. And on this journey with Mesa, I’ve made some incredible friends who are all amazing women.”

Amber, a passionate Mesa team member, appreciates the profound impact her female colleagues have had on her personal and professional growth: “Having Mesa women in my life has not only made me a better team member but also a better person overall. Every time I meet another one of our fantastic women, I’m reminded of the unique perspectives they each bring to Mesa.” In the world of business, diversity of thought is invaluable, and Mesa Solutions recognizes the distinct advantages of creating an environment that encourages women to thrive. Amber continues, “The support I receive from the women I work with has helped me grow professionally, and I’ve also made some close friends in the past two years.”

Hayley, a respected Mesa team member, commends the strength and positivity that characterize Mesa’s women: “Mesa women are strong, powerful, and always come to work with a smile, ready to help those around them. Having support from other Mesa Women has made my first year at Mesa a fantastic one. We all support each other, no matter who we are or what we’re doing. Mesa women add to Mesa’s greatness!”

Payson, an enthusiastic Mesa team member, emphasizes the power of being a woman in the industry: “Being a woman in this industry is a unique opportunity. The women at Mesa have a special bond that goes beyond professional boundaries. We celebrate each other’s successes and lift each other up during challenges.” But what fuels this remarkable camaraderie among Mesa’s women? The answer lies in the Mesa Women’s Leadership Group (inspired by the Echelon Front Women’s Assembly), a dedicated space for Mesa’s incredible women to come together, share experiences, and learn from one another. This initiative serves as a crucial catalyst for empowerment and growth.

Hannah, the driving force behind this fantastic initiative, shares her motivation for starting the Women’s Leadership Group at Mesa: “The [Echelon Front] Muster taught me so much about not only leadership and ownership but also about myself and how these principles apply to all areas of life. These extreme ownership principles are relevant to everyone, but as women, we have a unique perspective and approach to applying them. Our industry is male-dominated, so I wanted to give our incredible Mesa women a space to learn, grow, and help each other navigate the dynamics of our industry.” The Women’s Assembly goes beyond the workplace, extending its influence into every aspect of life. 

Hannah is inspired by the power of the Women’s Leadership Group to build a community of strong women who can support and mentor each other in work life, home life, and relationships. She eagerly anticipates the day when they can take a whole group to the live Echelon Front Women’s Assembly. Regarding the Leadership Group, Hannah notes: “This has been my favorite thing I have done with Mesa, and I truly believe the principles we discuss can change your life in all areas. There is so much power in taking ownership of everything you do and even more power when you do it alongside incredible people with the same mission.”

At Mesa Solutions, women are not just thriving in their careers but also taking on leadership roles in the workplace, community, and their homes. They embody outstanding character, integrity, and strength, making the entire Mesa community proud to have them as a part of the team. This thriving network of incredible women exemplifies the strength in unity and the power of supporting one another in every endeavor. Together, they are truly empowering the future of Mesa Solutions and inspiring women in the business world and beyond.

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