Unveiling Mesa’s Engines: Power, Efficiency, and Innovation

A photo of Mesa Solutions engines, emphasizing their advanced technology and efficiency. The intricately designed engines showcase innovation and reliability, making them a top choice for various applications.
The Engine Lineup:
    1. GX22 – V-12 Configuration
    • Displacement: 21.9 L.
    • Valves: 4 per cylinder.
    • Noteworthy: Expected 20%+ increase in power compared to the previous engine.
    1. GX15 – V-8 Configuration
    • Displacement: 14.6 L.
    • Valves: 4 per cylinder.
    • Noteworthy: Expected 15%+ increase in power compared to the predecessor.
    1. GX12 – I-6 Configuration
    • Displacement: 11.1 L.
    • Valves: 4 per cylinder.
    • Noteworthy: Expected 30%+ increase in power compared to the previous engine.
    1. GV22PU – V-12 Configuration
    • Displacement: 21.9 L.
    • Valves: 2 per cylinder.

At Mesa Solutions, we are thrilled to introduce the latest HDI engine blocks — the GV22PU, GX22, GX15, and GX12. These powerhouse engines are designed to meet industry standards with their technology, delivering unmatched power, efficiency, and innovation. Recently, Mesa Solutions has reached a significant milestone in its pursuit of excellence and environmental responsibility — the successful attainment of Environmental Protection Agency certification for the GV22PU. With Mesa now an authorized distributor of HDI engines, we can bring HDI to a wider market providing customers with technology, reliability, outstanding performance, and a prominent brand presence in the energy industry. Our commitment to quality service, technical expertise, and expanding our network makes Mesa the ideal partner for HDI. Together, we are dedicated to delivering excellence to our customers.

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GX Engine Line

When looking at the new GX engines, they stand out with improved power output, enhanced efficiency, and advanced features. Designed to meet EPA emissions standards, Mesa emphasizes environmental responsibility in every engine. The GX series, along with GV and GL, caters to diverse power requirements across various industries. We conduct rigorous durability testing to ensure these engines not only meet but surpass performance expectations in diverse conditions – both extreme heat, and extreme cold.

What sets our engines apart? The incorporation of a new throttle, a modified intake design, and an updated knock sensor calibration work together to enhance performance by refining the combustion process. The new throttle and electronic fuel regulator enable precise air and fuel flow for improved combustion and throttle response. The modified intake design reduces air resistance and improves cylinder to cylinder distribution which increases power and overall efficiency. The updated knock sensor swiftly detects and mitigates engine knock, optimizing performance without compromising safety.

Our Customer-Centric Approach

Finally, Mesa provides comprehensive support, including cooling kits to ensure our customers have everything needed for optimal engine performance (some modification may be needed depending on application). Looking into 2024, Mesa’s outlook is promising, with plans to bring the GX line to market to meet the growing demand for reliable and efficient engines. For those interested in our engines, contact our sales team for real-time information on availability.

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