EPA Certification: New Mesa Solutions Natural Gas Engine

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Mesa Solutions is delighted to announce a significant milestone in our pursuit of excellence and environmental responsibility — the successful attainment of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification for our new engine, the GV22PU. This achievement underscores Mesa Solutions’ unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of environmental compliance and sustainability.

Adherence to EPA Standards

The GV22PU Engine has been designed and engineered to comply with the emissions standards set forth by the EPA. This certified engine integrates technology to optimize performance while complying with emission standards.

Certificate Details

Certificate Issued To: Mesa Natural Gas Solutions, LLC (Manufacturer)
Certificate Number: RMSAB22.0V22-001
Engine Family: RMSAB22.0V22
Mobile/Stationary Certification Type: Mobile and Stationary
Fuel: LPG/Propane; Natural Gas (CNG/LNG)

Emission Standards:
Stationary Part 1048

  • CO (g/kW-hr): 4.4
  • NMHC + Nix (g/kW-hr): 2.7
  • HC + NOx (g/kW-HR: 2.7

Mobile Part 1048

  • CO (g/kW-hr): 4.4
  • HC + NOx (g/kW-hr): 2.7
  • NMHC + NOx (g/kW-hr): 2.7

Part 60 Subpart JJJJ Table 1

  • VOC (g/Hp-hr): 0.7
  • CO (g/Hp-hr): 2.0
  • NOx (g/Hp-hr): 1.0

Emergency Use Only: N

Achievement unlocked: ERA Certification for our group of skilled engineers! 🛠️🏆 A testament to expertise, collaboration, and dedication. Together, we're setting new standards in excellence.
Congratulations to Our Exceptional Team

A heartfelt congratulations to the outstanding members of our Engine Development Team for their remarkable achievement in obtaining the EPA certification for the GV22PU Engine:

  • Jason Miwa
  • Sangku Park
  • Rodrigo Bauza
  • Zachary Swartwout
  • Jonathan Jenkins
  • Mitchell O’Rourke
  • Christian Cavett
  • Matt Way
  • Tre Pfau
  • Trevor Halowell
  • Garrett Corso
  • Brye Windell
  • Tracen Mills
  • Matthew Miller
  • Quentin Meyer

Your dedication, expertise, and tireless effort have not only met but exceeded the highest standards. This certification, awarded by the EPA for the 2024 Model Year, signifies a testament to your commitment to excellence. Well done and keep up the incredible work!

Client and Environmental Advantages

This EPA certification extends substantial advantages to both our clients and the environment. Clients can confidently rely on Mesa Solutions for an emission’s-compliant engine. Adherence to EPA standards contributes significantly to improved air quality and enhanced overall environmental health.

Future-Oriented Commitment

While we celebrate this achievement, Mesa Solutions remains resolute in our commitment to continuous improvement. This milestone represents our journey towards greater strides in environmental sustainability. We are steadfast in our determination to remain ahead of evolving environmental standards and drive innovation.

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