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Mesa Solutions understands having power is of the utmost importance when it comes to running our daily lives. Customers often ask us a very relevant question, “Do natural gas generators work for back-up power, or stand by applications?” At Mesa, we answer this question frequently, so we thought you might benefit from reading up on the answer to better understand how these generators function. Standby generators provide reliable backup power for businesses, hospitals, police stations, emergency response centers, school, oil and gas applications, and even private homes. Having a dependable standby generator ensures you’re never without power during storms, brownouts, blackouts, and other electrical interruptions. This article is focused on natural gas powered standby generators and answering the simple question: “Do they work?”

Consumers Natural gas powered standby generators are unlike many other goods we as consumers are used to regularly purchasing. The fact is, many generators on the market are suited for standby power application.

Generator Variables.

Standby generators come in many forms, sizes, and with many variables such as purchase prices, maintenance packages, return policies, and discounts for any combination therein, etc. Knowing the generator provides an invaluable comfort and security to you, your business and your family, it is important to understand some distinguishing factors.

Standby Powers various items

Stand by generators can power anything from a single-family home to a large skyscraper.  Natural gas powered standby generators are an effective, cost efficient means of providing reliable back up power security. These backup generators are ready to serve you 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. If there’s a natural gas source and onsite power is needed, a natural gas powered generator is an extremely viable option.

Understanding the fact that people package and purchase generators with different equipment, we have listed the most common add-ons our customers use on a regular basis:

  • All weather enclosures

  • Electrical switch gear

  • Extended oil day tanks

  • Remote start/stop

  • Catalytic converter

  • Fuel gas regulator

  • Over-sized cooling package

  • Cold weather package

  • Fluid containment

  • Sound attenuation package


With so many different options for standby applications, we build our generator sets to take out the guesswork. Each of our units are available with all options to provide the best quality options. This type of package allows the generator set to function in all environments around the world while giving the most reliable and consistently priced solution to the customer.

Natural gas provides power when needed

Relative to standby applications natural gas powered generators provide responsive, reliable power when needed.  During a power outage, natural gas is typically still available to provide fuel at a moment’s notice for the generator. The generator runs directly off of the natural gas line already installed at the facility for heat, ovens and ranges.  If natural gas is not available, propane is a viable option. Upon a power outage, optional electrical transfer and switching gear will trigger the generator to start and provide electricity to the facility within seconds of the power outage.

The Bottom Line

Diesel powered and gasoline powered generators can provide a viable option for standby applications; however, the challenges of storing gasoline or diesel fuel (tank size, spillage, fuel degradation over time, etc.) are not present in a natural gas powered generator. Additionally, a virtually unlimited supply of fuel is available so in long-term power outages the need to fill a gas or diesel tank is not required. You can rest easy that a natural gas generator provides hours and days of uninterrupted power. Having a true, viable standby generator ready to provide on-site power immediately without the obstacles of dealing with an alternate fuel source provides security to your home, office, school, well site, etc.

Standby Generators
Standby generators powering commercial operations, California

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