Fuel Calculator

Values should be entered as mole percent unless otherwise noted

Base Temperature
60 °F
Base Pressure
14.696 psia
Methane, CH4 %
Ethane, C2H6 %
Propane, C3H8 %
Iso-Butane, C4H10 %
n-Butane, C4H10 %
Iso-Pentane, C5H12 %
n-Pentane, C5H12 %
n-Hexane, C6H14 %
n-Heptane, C7H16 %
n-Octane, C8H18 %
n-Nonane, C9H20 %
Hydrogen, H2 %
Helium, He %
Nitrogen, N2 %
Oxygen, O2 %
Carbon Dioxide, CO2 %
Hydrogen Sulfide, H2S ppm

Total Percent:

Molar Mass:

Relative Density:



Methane Number:

Please note that fuel ratings are a calculated estimation; engine output during prolonged operation cannot be accurately predicted. Any performance ratings for non-standard gas are for informational purposes only.

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